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A better solution then the DeNA and NX
Old 03-18-2015, 03:25 AM
Not Hayden Gise
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Default A better solution then the DeNA and NX

Dear Nintendo, here is a perfect business strategy. Stay out of the mobile space for now. Make NX stand for Nintendo Experience, release it on January 1st 2020. Take the time making the next title in the line up for all of the classic IPs Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Smash, etc. Then on that date release the console for $500 and every month on the first release one of those titles. Don’t do a handheld console, instead for $10 bucks a month, give the customer a code they can redeem in their mobile app store to download a version of the game that they can take everywhere, make streetpass an app and let it work that way, you can trade and battle Pokemon with friends from your friends. and similar to ammibo, for things like Smash, your phone has all your stats and data so you go to a friends house and through nfc- you put your phone on the console and grab a controller, the character you select has all the stats and power ups you do on your home console. Take the gaming world by storm, I guarantee everyone will try to catch them all. This will make Nintendo sooooo much money it’s not even funny.