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Not good at intros or talking about myself. I'm into videogames, kung fu flicks, sports, and drinking. Been gaming since the VCS days and just picked up a 3DS late last year. I love the thing and have since went on to collect exclusively for this system. The ultimate goal is a complete NA CIB collection, which doesn't seem unreasonable. I've built a collection of about 135 cib games. Most of them $10 or less. There's just something intriguing about collecting these things. I now have a New 3DS XL and am hoping for a 2nd life for this system.

So whats up and looking to meet some new folks. My posts can be a bit... blatant and unabashedly honest so I hope people don't take me the wrong way. I don't hold back my opinions and love honesty.
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Welcome to the 3DS Forums Family. Hope ye have fun while ye is here.
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Welcome to the forum and wow sounds like an impressive collection
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