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Breeding Tips
Old 06-22-2015, 11:01 AM
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Default Breeding Tips

Hey yall,

I have been trying to figure out if it is better/easier to breed Pokemon in X&Y or ORAS. I have read that the better route is arguable, so please help me out!

Also! If breeding with a Ditto, what is the difference of pairing it with a Male or Female pokemon? Any at all?

Can someone please explain IVs to me? That would be hugely helpful!

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ORAS is better for breeding by the narrowest of narrow margins. Simply because the daycare, breeding loop, and judge are all in a single location: The Battle Resort. Otherwise they are mechanically identical.

When breeding with ditto there is one mechanical change: Male pokemon have a 60% chance of passing down a hidden ability if they have one, whereas normally only the female can pass down their hidden ability.

IVs determine a pokemon's base stats. They range from 0-31 in all six stats. The higher the IV the higher the base stat, as one would expect.
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I am doing breeding in xy and that's my preference. But tekka is right. Mechanically they are the same. I am still searching for ditto friend safari though so I can have ditto helping breed. So my breeding is taking a long time to make perfect iv Pokemon.