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Hi! :D
Old 08-10-2015, 09:00 AM
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Default Hi! :D

Hi! I'm new here so I figured I'd post here. I'm 19 years old and from Australia, I ended up getting a 3DS again and I'm planning to buy a Wii U next week. (also again)

I say again because I actually had a 3DS in mid 2011 and a Wii U on launch, but a couple of months later, I decided to sell all of my games/consoles due to personal matters and a general loss of interest in gaming due to everything that was happening in the real world... so, I'm here now, I got back into gaming again a month or so ago with the 3DS and some older games I still kept, and I'm just pretty excited about it all again. c:

I actually used to browse these forums before, but I figured it'd be cool to join in on discussions and stuff. :3 My primary interest right now is in Nintendo, but I always end up playing anything :]

Hopefully I end up staying here though. PS: If you'd like to see what kind of games I have right now... which isn't much anymore here's a site I use. I still have to add a few virtual console and ps2 games though.
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Welcome, Irene, to the happiest place on Earth.
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Originally Posted by Tekka View Post
Welcome, Irene, to the happiest place on Earth.
Thank you! I feel the happiness. ^-^
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Hello! Just wanted to say that due to trademark laws we cant technically say this is the happiest place on Earth. But we are the happiest place on the internet! Welcome!
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Welcome to the 3DS Forums Family. Hope ye have fun while ye is here.
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Another member of Australia 3dsf.

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You posted twice DK
Gotta keep track of what intro threads you've been in bro
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Welcome Irene :-)
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welcome to the forums? whats your favourite game you have played?
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Sup welcome to 3dsforumz
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hello! and welcome