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[Unanswered] your gonna call me crazy,, ahh i need some help
Old 08-12-2015, 11:20 PM
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Unhappy your gonna call me crazy,, ahh i need some help

i enjoy art, and i got the new 3ds for my birthday so i couldnt pick the color given that it was a surprise, it was in black and it was plain, so i did order a clear case and cut out my art to fit the case, but then the case broke so i thought "why not just paint my DS white and use sharpies to draw on it?" bad idea. it all went well untill i started coloring my drawing in with the marker, the paint started to rub off and looked weird.. so i then decided to just take the paint off,,, well i was stupid enough to use nail polish remover when i could have easily used water, i forgot that the i phone and DS's cameras are a bit different and went "it will be fine" and decided to scrub my whole ds with the nail polish remover, even the camera lens.. well that resulted in getting nail polish remover in my front camera lens.. and now its all blue and blurry when i try to use the camera.. i let a paper towel soak up what it could, yes ive heard of putting it in rice, but we dont own any plain rice. any ideas? my DSi got water damage in the screen, and it eventually dried up and started working again on its im thinking ill try waiting a night or so to see if it helps. i need my camera for some games i have. if any of you know any tricks, please tell me.

also my ds is now covered in finger prints and like dirty and its all smuged like instead of looking smooth and shiny, i did resort to using water to clean the rest off (just got a little bit of paper towel slightly wet) but i think the nail polish remover made it look weird, it doesnt feel weird it just looks weird, any tips on how to clean it with out using liquids? im so stupid,, ahhh
Old 08-12-2015, 11:37 PM
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Argh! This story hurts me in my heart. The rice thing is your best bet. Do you own any non-plain rice? Just go buy some at the store. Also for future reference there are a bunch of sites that let you upload artwork onto a template and they mail you a decal with your art for your 3DS.
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Old 08-15-2015, 09:08 AM
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i think you could also use Silica Gels, the one they use in storing Nikon/Canon DSLRs.
It actually absorbs moists from cameras when they are stored in cabinets.
good luck mate!