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Local Play and Online Play: Region Questions
Old 10-10-2015, 05:55 AM
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Default Local Play and Online Play: Region Questions

One thing that has boggled my mind about the 3DS is that certain games just do not let you have Download or Local Play with other users, despite the DS allowing you to do so with any game of any region. That I am currently aware of, Download Play is not possible at all with any game unless your 3DS systems are both from the same region.

From the information I could find online regarding both owners owning both games, the following are region free; both local and online:

- Super Smash Bros.
- Pok?mon X/Y and Alpha/Sapphire

These are the only two games I know of that have a region free purpose for both. Some games only have the one: Online Play, well Local Play is region unlocked. Those are:

- Mario Kart 7
- Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition
- Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

There are also some games and applications on the eShop that I was curious about as well, concerning their Local Play with systems of other regions. Namely:

- 3D Classics (though only the Genesis ones had the option to play with a friend, such as Altered Beast)
- Colors! 3D

I know this might seem a bit demanding to ask a list for of, but this is a 3DS forum so I imagine there are bound to be some users that know of this information anyway, so maybe one of them will read this. Obviously, not posting it here as it might take too long.

But, is it possible that someone could make a list of 3DS games that are separated into three categories? Being:

Connection Through:
1) Local and Online Play.
2) Online only.
3) Local only.

Oh, and an answer to if Download Play is even possible with other region systems would be great!

Perhaps, a list like this exists already, given it has been nearly half a decade since the debut of the 3DS now. But, I have purchased games that I regretted buying due to them being very specific of Multiplayer features that I could not adhere to due to the region differences of the systems and/or games. With the original DS, this was never an issue and I am really despondent with the many failures of playing with friends now.

So, I just want to make sure I am not just taking a gamble all of the time. I have also pissed off my friends before when they would buy the same game to play with me, as I suggested to them with the thought that they did have local, but then we later find out that is not possible.

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