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[Unanswered] 3DS won't turn on, charge light for ~1 sec
Old 11-26-2015, 01:55 AM
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Exclamation 3DS won't turn on, charge light for ~1 sec

I'm kind of freaking out about what could be wrong with my 3DS. It's basically like the title states. It won't turn on, even though I'm pretty certain it has at least some battery left, and when I plug it in, the charge light comes on for like one second before turning right off, even if I literally do not touch the DS/charger at all after plugging it in, although I don't think the battery is that full. (Not that I can check the battery level though, since it won't turn on. I mean, I press the power button, and nothing happens. No power light, nothing on the screens, no sounds at all. The button presses just fine; it doesn't feel like there's anything blocking it. But the 3DS doesn't respond at all.)

It's actually been acting up for a little while. Before, it was turning on kind of selectively: that is to say, there were times it refused to turn on. I would keep trying and sometimes after a couple of attempts it would work. Also, if I plugged it in and then turned it on, that would work -- even if it still had 50% or more battery left and thus should have been able to turn on just fine without being plugged in anyway. Until a few days ago. I tried to turn on my 3DS, nothing. I plugged it in and tried to turn it on, nothing, and I noticed the charge light had gone off. I thought maybe I had jostled it or something so I plugged it back in and left it for a few minutes. I looked again and the charge light was off again, but it still wouldn't start. I know the outlet should be fine since it's the same one I have my laptop charger plugged into, but I tried another outlet anyway and, after placing my 3DS on a table, plugged it in very carefully. Once again, the light came on for about a second, then shut off.

I was thinking it could potentially be related to the issue I had a couple of years ago? Sometimes if it got jostled (eventually it got to be where even gently placing it on a hard surface was too much!), the battery would "reset" -- as in, the system turned off, and when I turned it back on, the date would be 1/1/2001, though all of my other data was just fine. What I read was that this was a problem with the battery's conductivity with the system, or something? (I'll admit, I'm terrible at technical things.) And the solution I heard was to take off the back cover and use an eraser really carefully on the metal parts of the battery/contacts. I did that and hadn't had problems since, until a few weeks ago.

I've never installed anything weird on my 3DS, tampered with it, or pirated/used "back up copies" of games, and it's completely up to date. I haven't dropped it and I haven't spilled anything on it; I keep it in my Animal Crossing pouch thing when it's not in use/charging, too, so it's really unlikely something happened without my realizing. My charger hasn't been damaged either, as far as I know. I don't even know what triggered this. I got Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer about a month ago and was practically glued to it until my 3DS started acting up, and it was working just fine until one day I went to turn it on to play a while and it just wouldn't start up. I thought maybe I had forgotten to turn it off the last time I played and the battery had drained or something, so I plugged it in, waited a few seconds, and started it up. It started up just fine, but the battery still had a decent amount of charge. I wrote it off as a fluke but ever since then it's been increasingly difficult to get it to turn on, and now it just won't at all no matter what I do.

I've had my 3DS for nearly three years now, so it's way past warranty, but I really can't afford to get a new one.
Old 11-26-2015, 12:30 PM
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Try purchasing a new battery
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