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Default Terraria

I've been meaning to play this game for years now. Who has played it?

It's on almost everything- PC, iOS, Android, PS3, Xbox360, PS4, XboxOne...

What's the definitive edition? Or does it matter?
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I played it a bit, its pretty fun! Played it on both PC and 360; both were fun. PC probably has more content but don't take my word for it since I only played a bit of each version.
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I've clocked around 215 hours in terraria according to steam.

Dunno of any "definitive edition", I know there was some retail version that gives you a 100% cosmetic pet bunny to follow you around, but that's about it.

In terms of differences, I know PS3/360 versions have stuff not in the PC version, and vice versa(different devs ported to consoles, so they made new content, and then the PC devs continued making stuff after the console port ended), dunno which content the 3ds version has.
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definitive version
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I played for a bit on PC, it is really fun but I find it painfully boring unless you are with friends like minecraft and other games similar to it

I don't know how online works on the console and handheld versions
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i have it on vita, probably gonna get it on wii u too when thats out

and i think the definitive edition we got in @ work for ps4
edit: this is whats in the pack: A Copy of the PS4 Game, Terraria 2GB Pick Axe USB Stick, Exclusive New Items, Crafting Poster, 3x Velum Character Stickers


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hey anyone here thinking about getting terraria on PC? get it before january 4th on steam, its on sale 66% off (?2.37, idk about the price in other currencies)
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Terraria started on PC and has the most content there though in early 2016 they are lined up to have the console versions caught up. It's on sale on Steam right now for a great price and I love the game. I'll play with anyone interested. It's a lot of fun once you get the basics down ~
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