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Hello everyone
Old 05-13-2016, 10:05 PM
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Talking Hello everyone

Hello everyone, I've recently found this forum and I decided to register as soon as a saw/surfed it.

I just recently bought a 3DS XL and I'm very new to this whole handheld. My last Nintendo handheld was a GameBoy color back in the day, but then, for some reason, I have spent all of my gaming time on PC games. A long time has passed ever since, I could even say that my no longer alive (*sad face*) GameBoy Pocket was the thing that really got me into videogames (asides from my previous experience with a Sega Master System) and specially it was Pokemon Blue and later on Pokemon Gold that really made me spend countless hours in front of that tinny brightless screen.

I of course knew of the existence of the DS but I never had one in my hands to test it or even had the curiosity to check it out (probably a big mistake), but out of pure luck I saw a post on a page about Nintendo releasing some sort of special 2DS edition with one original Pokemon game on them depending the color you picked (even my beloved "blue version"!) so I was like... I need to get one...

The screen seemed a little bit small for my taste and the "brick" shape a bit uncomfortable to carry around (just a matter of taste tbh), I could afford to get a 3DS XL so even if it wasn't some sort of cool Poke edition I bought it.

I ran to "rescue" Pokemon Blue from the eShop to give it the treatment it deserved and oh boy I'm having a blast from the past... and... BOY OH BOY they have The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening as well. I had that one as a kid but I had no idea what to do because it was in English so I never ended it :/ this is probably the right time for a language barrier revenge!

I've already bought some other DS / 3DS games but that is another history, I'm starting to feel that this post is extremely long (if you have made it here, thanks for your patience lol).

Anyways, see you around and sorry for my english! D:
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Welcome to the forums! Come drop by the chatbox sometime, your English is better than that of many native speakers, haha
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Welcome to the 3DS Forums Family! Hope ye have fun while ye is here.
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