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Fantasy life?
Old 11-14-2016, 10:49 PM
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Default Fantasy life?


Anyone play much of the game fantasy life? Been looking at that and story of seasons. How do you find FL if you do play it, does it get boring later on?
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i got the DLC (?7) and i logged 100+ hours into it, and i still dont quite class myself as 'finished' as in, reaching god tier (the highest tier, only available in the dlc) in all 12 lives, i done it in maybe 4 lives

also its made by level 5, the same dev team who made professor layton, inizuma eleven, yokai watch, and some eshop only stuff which is really nice too and they are attack of the friday monters, and liberation maiden (there are more but ive only played those 2)

the music is good, the characters and style is cute, the dlc is worth it, theres tons to do when you finish the story (i beat the story at about 30 hours, and i was trying to take it slow)

i havent played any harvest moon games so idk if SoS is any good but i totally recommend fantasy life
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They are both great games. I honestly haven't put many hours into Fantasy Life, but I have been meaning to. It's a nice game for exploring and dungeon-crawler style fighting, which is always a good time. There are different towns and many different areas to check out, and it does take a long time to get through it. This game has a lot of content, especially with the DLC.

Story of Seasons is awesome. It's one of the games I've logged the most hours on. If you're an old fan of the Harvest Moon games, this one kind of takes you back to the game's roots and is very reminiscent of Harvest Moon DS/A Wonderful Life. Just the town atmosphere and the characters have the same rustic, classic-country-mixed with a bit of bourgeoise-feeling to them, as opposed to the series' last entry (A New Beginning) which was more colourful and felt more cheery and bubbly. Both the bachelor and bachelorette choices are bang on. If you've played A New Beginning, the farming mechanics have improved a ton and as much of a good game ANB is, it's really hard for me to go back to it because watering/planting/harvesting is such a chore in comparison.

So I dunno. If you're looking for something different with a lot of content, maybe grab Fantasy Life. If you're an old-school Harvest Moon fan, grab Story of Seasons because it's the best entry to the series yet IMO, HM: DS following in a short second (the A Wonderful Life version for the Gamecube was also great but I hate that they cut the bachelor/bachelorette choices from 5 to just 3).
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Thanks for that chaps. I picked up monster hunter but I'm kinda craving an easy game to chill with. Might take the plunge with story of seasons