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Why is the saved data gone? How can I recover?
Old 11-30-2016, 05:06 PM
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Default Why is the saved data gone? How can I recover?

Please note, this post is for my son who is fluent in Japanese. I am not. He uses the Japanese version of the 3DS. He mostly plays Youkai Watch.

1) My son has a Japanese version of a Nintendo 3DS. It was about to fall apart so I got him a new one.

2) There is an SD card in the Nintendo 3DS. It has all the saved game data, representing probably thousands of hours of plays saved.

3) I took the SD card out of the old one, copied the files to a folder on my Mac, then replaced the card in the old Nintendo 3DS. I did not alter, reformat, or change any files.

4) I copied the files onto a new SD card and placed it into the new Nintendo 3DS.

He is now hysterical. He says he cannot reload his old game data and everything is lost. He cannot use his "save" data on either old or new one. This is very odd to me because I did not touch the data on the original card. I just took it out to copy it and put it back in.

Anyone have a clue? I can follow any directions if someone can help me. I feel bad for what I did.
Old 12-05-2016, 05:19 AM
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Making a backup is a good thing and the SD card should still work in the old 3DS. However, to transfer to a new 3DS you have to do a system transfer, you can't just swap the SD cards. Once the transfer is complete (which involves them both connecting to Nintendo and transferring data over WiFi) then you can swap the SD card, assuming it will fit -- the "New 3DS" has a microSD slot while the old one has a full-size SD card slot. Here's info from the US Nintendo site: http://en-americas-support.nintendo....NxR2s1bg%3D%3D